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The Metal Grill Tech Specs


The Stage is elevated 3 feet above the floor.  It is 19 feet wide by 16½  feet deep.  The Drum Section is also elevated one foot above the stage and is 8 feet wide by 6½ feet deep.


Sound Craft Series 2
32 Inputs 4 Monitor Mixes
FX: SDE 1000, SPX 90, MPX 100, Inserts:  Behringer 4 Gates 8 Comps
31 band eq on all outputs
Full Processing on all inputs including trim, polarity, HPF, Insert, 4-band-PEQ
Main Speaker System is a Community RS880 (4) with 2 double 15’s
     (Sub) MR838 Drum Monitor, 4 Passive Wedges
AKG D112
1 RApCO DB100 Passive DI
5 SM58
1 BETA 56
4 SENN E604
1 DT85 FET Direct Box
1 IMP2 Direct Box
8 Tall Boom stands

4 short boom stands


8 PAR 38   
8 PAR 56

Behringer LC2412

                                    Any Questions regarding production specs should be directed to

                                                  Rocker Pat

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