5036 S Packard Avenue
Cudahy WI 53110

Recently Featured Artists


WIth Hours Waiting

Of Apollo

Heavy Heart

City Of Ghosts

Deadset Audacity

Norma Jean

Night Verses


The Maiden Voyage

Straight Line Stitch

Cage 9

Dead Horse Trauma

Lying Still

Tina's Birthday Blacklight

Party with DJs Skooma,
   MCZ, Nuz Boys, and
   Michael Wenz

Sexual Atrocities


Dr Shrinker


Memories Wither




Narrow Hearts

All The Way Alive

Amberson Hall

Soul Kitchen


Devolving Messiah

The Prophet of Addiction


Anniversary!!  Pig and Chicken Roast, Free Show, Games, and Raffles All Day Long!

Thrasher, Imperial Fall,


Blacklite District

Another Lost Year



All Them Witches

Jex Thoth



American Sharks

Insane Championship Wrestling

Lost in A Name

Bound for Severance

Modern Echo

Driven Under

Project Independent

Rubicon Cross

The Last Vegas



Hall Rental




Need to Rent a Hall for your Special Event?
Want an option to bring in your own food or caterer?
We're very easy to work with, give us a call!


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Upcoming Artists and Bands
Click our Entertainment and Events Page for Details

  • The Suicide Machines
  • Direct Hit
  • Pears and Arms Aloft
  • Neil's Birthday Celebration
       3rd WISH
  • Battle Of The Bands
  • Anubis Morrison
  • Rosencrantz
  • Marshall AN Shram
  • Buddifari
  • Roxie Beane
  • GoGo SLow
  • The Outing
  • The Spirals
  • Ana Frame
  • Bad Apple
  • Will of Tomorrow
  • Wicked Realm
  • Fibonacci Sequence
  • Saints of Rebellion
  • Assets
  • Amarty's Fall
  • Mr. Deagun Jones
  • Bellevue Suite
  • Metal Men
  • Hobb's Angel of Death
  • Malas
  • Razor Fist
  • Dark Avengeance
  • Devil City Angels
  • Lava Rocks
  • The Cherry Pops
  • White Empress
  • Ultrea
  • Once the Sun
  • Red and the Wolf
  • Halloween
       w/ AfterMarket Switch
  • LockJaw Cd Release Party
  • Thira
  • Look I'm Burning
  • Ultrea
  • Breech
  • Faultline Empires
  • Under Aegis
  • Category X
  • Onslaught
  • Artillery
  • Striker
  • Morta Skuld
  • Slug Shell
  • Villains
  • Insane Championship
  • Toy's for Tot's Fundraiser
       $5 w/ a new Toy $10 w/o
       Featuring: Grave Remains
      Whore of Bethlehem~
      Beyond Death~ Descending Heavens~ From Within
  • Skullfist
  • Elm Street
  • Night Demon
  • Anger As Art
  • Whiplash
  • Deceased
  • November's Doom
  • Midnight
  • Hellwitch
  • Malignancy
  • Embalmer
  • Viking

Welcome to The Metal Grill!

We are one of Milwaukee's premier live music venues welcoming all music genres and Artists. We provide a fully equipped Sound and Light system, elevated stage, and private band room. Obviously, our goal is to be your live music entertainment destination!  To complement the entertainment we are also going to remain your friendly, clean, reasonably priced neighborhood bar ready to serve you with happy hour M-F 3-6pm on top of our daily specials... You need to check us out!



 Open Everyday

 1030am - Close
     Enjoy Free Wifi

Our Location


5036 S. Packard Avenue,
Cudahy, WI 53110


Daily Drink

Here are our specials. Check back often, we're constantly updating this page.

  $5 Bloody Marys
   Made fresh each time

Happy Hour Monday Thru Friday 3pm to 6pm
Buy 1 Get 1 Domestic Tap, Bottles and Rails

Throwback Thursday
$2.50 Tallboys of Pabst, Schlitz

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